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IPS is dedicated to providing a full line of services that will meet your every need. Whether it's Manhole Rehabilitation, Lateral Locating, GIS Mapping (ArcGIS), Point Repairs or Storm and Sanitary Line Maintenance, we have the expertise and the professionalism to resolve specialized issues. 

  • Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Pipe Inspections. Cleaning  

        CIPP and lat/con Repairs

  • Video Inspection

  • Lateral Inspection / line Locating sub foot XY and Z

Services offered:

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We clean, inspect, locate, repair, rehab and map, water, wastewater and storm water asset's


Sewer manholes degrade over time from exposure to aggressive environments. IPS can apply micro silica cement mortar to rehabilitate these manholes that have degraded. This process can even add structural strength depending on the thickness of the coating. In cases where manholes have exposure to corroding gases, an additional 100% solid epoxy coating can be sprayed over the mortar.


This process improves the chemical and temperature resistance of the surface, thereby prolonging the life of the manhole. All leaks and infiltrations are eliminated and the process leaves the interior surface smooth and continuous throughout. Water intrusion is prevented by application, and it leaves a smooth, flat and dense surface.


IPS Manhole Rehabilitation repairs cracks in manhole walls, bases, and inverts. After application, the composite system holds superior strength and has a high resistance to impact and abrasion.


In severe cases, IPS has successfully applied the cement mortar to eliminate groundwater infiltration. This reduces the incremental water flows to treatment facilities. In manholes recently coated with this mortar, infiltrating groundwater of approximately 30 gallons per minute per manhole was eliminated.


This mortar application can also be used to repair most concrete surfaces, including sumps, tunnels, pits or any concrete structure that has experienced deterioration from exposure to aggressive environments.

Manhole rehabilitation

municipal and private locating

As sanitary and storm sewer deterioration increases, there are higher requirements for efficient and cost-effective solutions. Cured-In-Place (CIP) Point Repair is a process where a liner is inserted into a pipe impregnated with a thermosetting resin, which is expanded and cured to form a tight-fitting liner within the host pipe, a pipe within a pipe. Repairs holes, cracks and infiltration in sewer and storm water infrastructures.

Trenchless Point Repairs

Our ArcGIS program is designed to meet our client’s request including short term or long term goals.


The program provides interface with ArcGIS programs to import and export attributes, create a project of inspections, export changes and conditions.


Our service will allow the client to start from scratch or incorporate into an existing GIS program.

GIS Mapping



Manhole Composite Liner:

before after before after


  • Point Repairs

  • Manhole Rehabilitation

  • GIS Mapping (ArcGIS)

  • Minor Excavation

IPS lateral location can determine the location and depth of the sanitary sewer line from the City main line to either a residence or a commercial property.  This is also vital so directional boring heads can be kept at a safe distance from the line, avoiding costly repairs.  IPS has located lines for several drilling firms as they upgrade utility services.


If you don't have access to a cleanout, use our ‘LETS' system to inspect service lateral lines up to 150′ from the sewer mainline. All of our lateral inspection systems come standard with a 512Hz built-in locating beacon.


Inspects 3″, 4″ and 6″ lateral connections up to 150’ from the main sewer line. Mounted on a wheeled or tread tractor drive system which moves through the mainline sewer and precisely positions the launcher opposite the connection to the lateral line being inspected.

after before



Repair from  6” –  60”  in diameter and 48” repair lengths.


Average Tensile Strength:   24,000 psi

Average Flexural Strength: 27,000 psi

Average Flexural Modules: 1,345,000 psi

IPS provides state of the art video equipment for the safe viewing and recording of the condition of your pipes. We note locations on the video and logs, so that problems can be easily located and repaired with the best solution. We can then provide you with the data for your records.

Let our PACP certified operators find the problems, quickly and safely. Our CCTV Video Inspections allow us to video pipes 2" to 102"

Video Inspection (CCTV)

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