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Providing maintenance and rehabilitation services in the municipal and oil and gas arenas.

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Sewer manholes degrade over time from exposure to aggressive environments. IPS can apply micro silica cement mortar to rehabilitate these manholes that have degraded. This process can even add structural strength depending on the thickness of the coating. In cases where manholes have exposure to corroding gases, an additional 100% solid epoxy coating can be sprayed over the mortar.


This process improves the chemical and temperature resistance of the surface, thereby prolonging the life of the manhole. All leaks and infiltrations are eliminated and the process leaves the interior surface smooth and continuous throughout. Water intrusion is prevented by application, and it leaves a smooth, flat and dense surface.


IPS' Manhole Rehabilitation repairs cracks in manhole walls, bases, and corbels. After application, the composite system holds superior strength and has a high resistance to impact and abrasion.


In severe cases, IPS has successfully applied the cement mortar to eliminate groundwater infiltration. This reduces the incremental water flows to treatment facilities. In manholes recently coated with this mortar, infiltrating groundwater of approximately 30 gallons per minute per manhole was eliminated.


This mortar application can also be used to repair most concrete surfaces, including sumps, tunnels, pits or any concrete structure that has experienced deterioration from exposure to aggressive environments.

Manhole rehabilitation

Lateral lines are sections of pipe that connect the drains in your business to the City's main sewer line. These lines go largely unnoticed until a problem occurs. Unfortunately, issues with lateral lines can cause great damage as well as health concerns so it is important to know where these lines are located and keep them properly maintained.


IPS' lateral location can determine the location and depth of the sanitary sewer line from the City main line to either a residence or a commercial property.  This is also vital so directional boring heads can be kept at a safe distance from the line, avoiding costly repairs.  IPS has located lines for several drilling firms as they upgrade utility services.


By utilizing a specialized camera, we can locate the lateral line from the City main line without interruption of the service to the property. The first camera is designed to launch a second camera up the lateral connection to locate the depth and record the process.

Sewer lateral line locating

As sanitary and storm sewer deterioration increases, there are higher requirements for efficient and cost-effective solutions. IPS cured-in-place point repair trenchless technology replaces the need for contractors to carefully dig while maneuvering around utilities to unearth the area in need of repair.


The trenchless point repair process begins with cleaning the pipes of all foreign materials, through the use of a high pressure water jetting. We then use the latest in video inspection technology to accurately determine the location of the damaged pipes. After the damages have been located, we utilize a mat / resin that will not only repair the damaged section but also help improve the overall structural integrity of the pipes. After a short curing time, the pipes are inspected to ensure they are structurally sound and watertight.

Trenchless point repairs (CIPP)

• Odorless, ideal for working in confined spaces

• Non-flammable

• Non-hazardous


Cured-In-Place Point Repair Features:

• Cures quickly (within 1-3 hours)

• Flow-thru packers prevent backups during repairs

• Available to repair 4"-24" diameter pipe in 24" and 48" lengths

• No more costly, disruptive, and time consuming excavations

NO DIG pipe repair solution

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